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“Priya is a true prodigy, as touching a virtuoso as any of those miniature violinists or pianists who seem dropped from heaven, their talent fully formed…”  - San Diego Union Tribune

“Priya explored the rhythmic complexity of Indian chanting and percussion, flashed her bright eyes and twirled her bejeweled form in a completely absorbing demonstration of the power of movement.”  - Los Angeles Times

“Priya’s dance was firm footed, poised, precisely timed and thoroughly proficient and expressive.”  - The Hindu, India

“Priya’s stamina and ability were amazing, not once did she falter. I’m sure every mother came home wishing for a child who could perform like Priya.”  - India-West

“Her assurance, poise, natural elegance, in all three aspects of dance, were, to put it, the only way possible, astounding. Such can only be a divine gift.”   - V.A.K Ranga Rao (Dance Critic)

“God seems to have been generous in doling out the talent to this family. Priya started dancing when she was only three and both mother and daughter make the difficult and intricate dance steps of classical dance, seem totally effortless. Priya has walked away with first place trophies, as if they were uncontested.”  - L.A. India

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