Mystic Legends

About the Show

Created by dancer/choreographer Priya Narthakii & acclaimed Artistic Director Uma Suresh, “Mystic Legends: A Dance Tribute to the Wisdom of the Ancients,” is a multimedia dance theater fundraising benefit event supporting performing arts for the Downsyndrome community.

Presented in three Acts, the dancer explores the unity and harmony of mankind through myriad legends of the Hindu Pantheon and mythical creatures of ancient civilizations past.

Mystic LegendsAct I pays homage to the brisk vigor, geometry, precision and intense expression of Bharathanatyam, one of the oldest classical dance forms from the temples of Southern India where the solo dancer shifts among various characters, time periods, moods and manners. Including a traditional bhajan style piece with the dancer seated on the floor with guest artist, Sumanth Suresh who has Downsyndrome giving Indian percussion accompaniment on tabla to capture the spirit of the event’s cause.

Act II showcases AcroYoga by guest artists Wendy Dahl and Adam Braun in which the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of thai massage and the dynamic power of acrobatics merge for a stunning visual presentation of union.

Act III features an avant-garde presentation that draws its inspiration from an original magical totem from which emerges the mythical creatures of ancient world civilizations. Adorned in richly colorful costumes, intriguing custom-created masks, and featuring powerful and resonating global musical rhythms that mimic the universal heartbeat, the dancer explores unity and harmony of mankind through the convergence of five elements present in nature. Highlights will include a mystical journey into the forests of North America through the amalgam of animation, dance, and a hypnotic native American style of storytelling through which a snake-human creature from India, a firebird from Arabia, a half man-eagle from Thailand, a dream eater from Japan and a thousand petaled blooming flower of universal consciousness all come to vivid life.

“This project is really about harmony”, says Priya Narthakii who left a successful corporate career to be able to focus on reconnecting to her artistic roots. “The simplest way I know how to share harmony is through vibrant and soulful dance. After this event, I want people to go home feeling renewed not only from having contributed to performing arts opportunities for the downsyndrome community, but also from having shared an experience of journeying around the world with stories that are steeped in mystery and the magic of the human spirit!”


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