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A 60 minute traditional Bharathanatyam solo repertoire honoring the traditions of the gurus of Bharathanatyam. Choreographed by acclaimed Artistic Director Uma Suresh, this presentation highlights the brisk vigor, geometry and precision of pure dance (nritta) as well as the intense expression (abhinaya) aspects of the style that draws viewers of all ages deep into the colorful and rich world of Indian story-telling. Well received by critics, connoisseurs, and novices of dance, the selection of pieces and stunning choreography will captivate audiences for a night that will not be forgotten.

Mystic Legends

A 45 minute avant garde solo thematic presentation based in bharathanatyam principles and inspired by man’s collective upward journey toward inner peace; we summon mythical creatures of civilations past through the magic of the totem to remind us of the common elements that bind us together as a unified humanity. Set to resonating vocal patterns and drum rhythms reminicent of the human heartbeat, and interwoven with the elemental themes of earth, fire, wind, water and space – the natural movements of the naga serpent of India dwelling deep in the earth, the fiery phoenix bird of Arabia in its final flight of death and ressurection, the power and grace of the garuda bird of Thailand flying to create thunder and rain, the baku creature of Japan engaged in the battle of good versus evil in the watery realm of dream consciousness, and finally the blossoming of the joyous thousand petaled blooming flower in open and free space, come to life. Conceptualized and choreographed by Priya Narthakii, mystic legends is a vibrant and unexpected exploration of themes that unite us all; with colorful costumes, a simplicity of presentation, and powerful storytelling that binds one civilization’s magical animal to the next.

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