Classes: Ages 13 & Up

Muvements Yoga 101 – Small Group Class

A beginners (or refresher) class designed for those who want to learn about yoga or deepen your practice by using the fundamentals of the anusara style both physically and philosophically.


****First Class $5****

****January 2013 is “Bring A Friend To Yoga Class FREE” month!**** 

Class Times: Saturdays 9:00AM-10:30AM in Huntley, Illinois.

​​​These Classes Are Different from Standard Studio Classes

  • We focus on setting a solid foundation in understanding of yoga and each pose

  • We often explain the health benefits and reasons behind working on certain poses physically and emotionally

  • We include anatomically based explanations of optimal alignment

  • We include introductions to meditation and the use of mantras (chanting) to strengthen your practice

  • We provide a highly interactive environment

  • We involve manual physical adjustments by the instructor to ensure that you are reaching the maximum potential and leaving revitalized and rejuvenated each time we meet​​

Please bring your yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a yoga strap, and water to class.

To register or for more information:

email: or call 312-731-3969.

Muvements Private Yoga

This is the best opportunity to work one-on-one as a beginner or as an advanced student. We will not only design an asana sequence specifically for you, but will also add other elements to your practice (as you choose), including but not limited to mantras (the power of vibration), meditation, pranayama (controlled and guided breathing to enhance deeper well-being), ayurvedic skincare, yogic nutrition, and affirmations.

To register or for more information:

email: or call 312-731-3969.

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