Classes: Ages 2 to 12

Muvements Yoga 101 – children’s edition

ages 5-12

Child Yoga

A beginners class designed to teach children the fundamentals of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation (focus concentration on the breathe).This is a fun and interactive way to learn how to practice yoga everyday and derive powerful health benefits as well as learn to cultivate inner quiet and calm.







Muveyoga for Little Yogis – toddler edition

ages 2-4

Child Yoga

A basic class designed to teach toddlers asanas that develop coordination, balance, increased awareness of the body’s abilities, focus, the ability to follow 2 and 3 step sequential directions and foundations for concepts related to healthy living. Asana sequences will be set to fun music and will be repeated each class with

increasing focus on form along with the gradual introduction of sitting still for a few minutes of breathing in and out deeply to set the foundation for meditation on the breathe and inner quiet.

baby yoga

This class is a fun way to introduce toddlers to a lifelong practice of yoga in a fun and playful environment that emphasizes the pure joy of movement for children this age. ​​

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