Short Workshops

Here are the 1-3 hour yoga-inspired short workshops 

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Yogic Indian Cooking for Spunk

We will use a yogic system of cosmic energy assignments to select ingredients that yield high energy for the body, mind and heart. Using therapeutic indian spices and specific cooking methods we will learn to create two easy but wholesome, indian vegetarian dishes that are both delicious and healthy. Following the demonstration we will enjoy what we have prepared together! Afterward you’ll go home with the detailed recipe and a starter packet of indian spices.

Ages: 16+, 2.5 hours – $45 (does not include eating time)

Yoga and Breathing for Asthma

We will do a moderate yoga practice designed specifically for the asthmatic. We will learn specific pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) Asanas in this sequence will include: bhujangasana (cobra), dhanurasana (bow), urdhva dhanurasana (full wheel), vrkshasana (tree), ardha matsyendrasana (seated spinal twist), matsyasana (fish) and many others which target opening of the rib cage and increasing lung capacity. All abilities are welcome.
​(Always consult with a doctor prior to beginning any exercise program).

Ages: 16+, 1.5 hours – $20

Sound Vibration (Mantras) for a Deeper Practice​

We will begin by learning about bija (seed) sounds that are linked to each of 7 chakras or subtle energy centers that run along our spine and to the top of our skull. Building on the bija sounds we will learn how to harness the power of sound and specific mantras to scientifically energize our bodies and minds. This will be followed by a slow and deep yoga practice where we will pay particular attention to the breath and utilize specific bija sounds to strengthen our poses and go deeper physically and mentally both on and off the mat.

Ages: 16+, 2 hours – $45

Hasta Mudras for A Deeper Yoga Practice

We will begin by learning a series of hand gestures (hasta mudras), their meanings and uses during pranayama and meditation. Next we will use these mudras in a moderate asana practice to strengthen the practice and achieve a balance between the experience of groundedness and freedom.

Ages: 16+, 2 hours – $30

Turning Dreams Into Reality

We will create a vision board to set the tone for the next 12-36 months.

Ages: 16+, 3 hours – (includes wholesome snacks and materials to create your board) – $30

Yoga is Fun! Children’s Edition

​​We will learn a yoga sequence drawing on the fun of the animals that many asanas represent. We will learn how to pay attention to the breath and a short but simple meditation technique to cultivate inner quiet and calm. This workshop is a fun and interactive way to learn to benefit from the health benefits of yoga along with a simple introduction to the power of inner quiet through meditation.

Ages: 7-10 years, 50​ min – $12

(additional children of the same household – $8 each)

Yoga for Little Movers – Toddler Edition

We will learn basic yoga asanas (poses) based on common animals and move from pose to pose to the rhythm of popular nursery rhymes (like Old McDonald had a farm). We will also begin the idea of sitting still for a few minutes and breathing in and out deeply to set the foundation for awareness of breathe. This workshop is a fun way to introduce toddlers to a lifelong practice of yoga in a fun and playful environment that emphasizes the pure joy of movement for children this age.

Ages: 2.5-5

(a parent, guardian, or caregiver must be present with the child for this workshop)

50 minute session/5 weeks – $48

(additional children of the same household – $28 each)

50 minute session/3 weeks – $27

(additional children of the same household – $10 each)

50 minute session/single session – $11

(additional children of the same household – $6 each)

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